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'Quick-fix' fad diets have fallen out of fashion

FAD diets that promise "fast weight loss" have fallen out of fashion, according to a survey.

While 44pc of slimmers say they previously saw fast weight loss as a priority when choosing a diet, only 7pc still feel that way in 2014, according to the survey by Slimming World.

While only 51pc of slimmers say they used to see long term weight loss as their priority, 90pc are now focused on sustainable results, the survey of more than 3,500 slimmers who started a diet this January found.

The top reasons given on why fad diets do not help people to succeed in the long term are that they get boring (63pc), they are unhealthy (61pc) and they don't fit in with family (56pc).

The cabbage soup diet is regarded as the worst way to lose weight, with 25pc of the 762 slimmers who said they had tried a strange diet declaring it the worst. Other strange diets named as the worst they have followed include the chewing gum diet, the eggs-only diet, the baby food diet, and the Mars bar diet.



Dr Jacquie Lavin, Slimming World head of nutrition and research, said: "The unpleasantness of faddy diets that encourage severe calorie restriction and/or eating only one food type appears to be having the knock-on effect of persuading people to look for something more sustainable.

"This is good news as not only can fad diets be very unhealthy, they're also incredibly damaging to self-esteem."