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Proven skin-health products

HEADQUARTERED in Long Beach, California, Obagi Medical Products, is a speciality pharmaceutical company that develops, markets and sells skincare systems. Because Obagi products contain prescription-strength formulations, they are available only through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas and other medical professionals.

Since its founding in 1988 with the creation of the Obagi Nu-Derm System the company has grown, developing clinically proven skin-health products.

Obagi products work at a cellular level; they use a technology called 'penetrating therapeutics', designed to improve penetration of prescription and cosmetic agents across the skin barrier. The various products aim to minimise premature ageing, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, and the signs and symptoms of rosacea. The range comprises several systems of products, including the Nu-Derm, Obagi-C Rx, Condition & Enhance, Elastiderm, CLENZIderm MD, Blue Peel, Blue Peel Radiance and Rosaclear.

Obagi is available in almost 50 countries around the world; in Ireland, the UK and Europe, Obagi products are exclusively distributed to clinicians by Healthxchange Pharmacy.

If you buy just one product: Lashes have been a big trend this year but it's possible to damage natural lashes through repeated use of false ones. Obagi's Elastilash aims to increase lash thickness and length through the delivery of peptides directly to the lashes themselves. As a result, it helps to nourish and enhance growth.

The fans: We hear that Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston are fans of Obagi's Nu-Derm range.

Starting price: Prices start at €150, depending on the product range and vary from physician to physician.

Where to get it: The DermaClinic: 53 Rock Road, Blackrock, Co Dublin, call 01 278 8211; 14 Village Green Shopping Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24, call 01 414 7780. For a full list of stockists contact Healthxchange Pharmacy on obagi@health xchange.com, www.healthxchange.com