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Prepare your skin for the new season

THE weather has come over all autumnal, and I'm excited about the new fashion trends to take us through to winter. Let's get our faces ready for the new foundation and make-up that are about to land, shall we? Nothing like a good night cream to get your skin in shape for the new season ...

YES TO CARROTS Repairing Night Cream, €13.50, HHHII Love the signature Carrots scent, but don't like the rather thin texture of this night cream. Rather thin? Extremely thin. If you've got skin that tends to the oily end of the spectrum, this might suit you to perfection. Otherwise, you won't get much joy out if its crazy-fast absorption rate.

VICHY Lift Activ Night Global Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Cream, €33, HHHHI So soothing and cooling on contact, it feels like standing in front of an open window and catching a breeze on a warm night. It was particularly nice during the heatwave, when putting anything on the bod was too much work. My skin felt firm upon rising, so perhaps some wrinkles were held at bay. The ones I already have could have done with some more plumping.

CLINIQUE Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer, €52, HHHII If you want a night cream that absorbs something rapid, look no further. The texture is light, the fragrance is light – everything about this is light. If you're into something that feels heavier-duty, then you won't be happy. The face upon waking was only somewhat glowy.

OLAY Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Night Cream, €13.19, HHHII This is super-duper light, which was a good thing during the summer of 2013. It didn't feel like it did much, though, on the more normal evenings, so it may not be the go-to for autumn 2013. If you have an issue with creams that feel too heavy, then this might be a good one to try – it is made for sensitive skins after all.

TRILOGY Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream, €34.95, HHHHI A good compromise between too thick and too thin, Trilogy has achieved a medium-weight night cream that feels light, but not weak. If you are not a fan of the rosy, health-food-store fragrance, then you're not going to want to be inhaling this as you descend into the arms of Orpheus. If you are cool with that, then this is a good 'un.

ORIGINS High Potency Night-A-Mins, €45, HHHHH I love this and wish they had a version that would go all over your body. It feels soothing and cooling on contact, and absorbs at just the correct pace: not too fast so you feel cheated, not too slow that you feel like you'll ruin your pillowcases. Awake to a glowing complexion. Did I say I love this. Love it!