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Pippa is in the deep end with water-baby Ollie

She may have the 
perfect camera look down to a tee, but Pippa O’Connor is far from the model swimmer.

So the Kildare beauty is determined not to pass her swimming weakness on to her son, cute tot Ollie.

The mum of one told the

“He loves it, we have been taking him to water babies classes since he was four months old, so he is well used to it,” explained the slim blonde.

“I am so glad because I am not a strong swimmer and not keen on the water at all, so I didn’t want Ollie to be like that.

“It’s great because he sleeps so well after it too, so I think it’s a nice thing to be able to do for all of us.”

While Pippa is not so confident in the water, the same cannot be said for her husband, presenter Brian Ormond.

The Kildare-based couple make an effort to take their son to water babies classes a few times a week.

Pippa, who got in front of the camera this week to launch the Water Babies Summer Water Safety campaign at the Mespil pool, has made no plans for a summer getaway 
with her family just yet.

“We don’t have any plans for a holiday yet because we were away in February, but hopefully we will get something organised. I am quite last minute with that stuff anyway,” she said.

Pippa is taking advantage of the quiet summer season in the modelling world to concentrate on growing her fashion website and blog, Pippa.ie.

“I am just working away on that and I am really happy with how it’s going. I would love to get it up to half-a-
million page hits,” 
she said.