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Pink to make the boys wink? It's more like red will lure them into bed

All these years I've been thinking that a way to a man's heart is through is stomach, when really, I've been getting it totally wrong.

According to new research, the sure-fire way to nab yourself a bloke is to lure him in by wearing the colour red.

The study was carried out on 280 students by psychologists at Wuhan University in China, and it seems blokes just go do-lally for scarlet ladies.

Apparently they find us "warm" and "competent", but more than that, "the colour red was shown to have a boosting effect on the sexual attractiveness of women with feminine facial traits", lead author Dr Fangfang Wen wrote in the study, published in the journal, Evolutionary Psychology.

So that explains the allure of the Louboutin shoe, with its pillar-box red sole; the attraction of crimson lippie, and why the LBD has evolved into the LRD in recent seasons.

It's all because us women get compliments and attention when we splash out in the bright primary shade.

Frankly speaking, I'm not surprised. Men seem to be fixated with the colour red, regardless of whether it's on a woman, a car or a kitchen gadget.

I had to fight hard with my husband to persuade him not to buy a fire engine red toaster for our otherwise cool grey kitchen, and still I lost the battle.

Then there's men's fixation with women in red lingerie.

Sure, at Christmas the 'sexy Mrs Santa' thing is funny, but the rest of the time, I actually don't know any females who'd voluntarily pick that shade of undies for themselves unless they're trying to make some sort of suggestive statement.

But when it comes to outerwear, it seems men love to see red.

And I have to say, I agree; I think it's a really flattering shade on a woman.

The outgoing look engaging, the more introverted suddenly get noticed. And this autumn, the shops are going to be filled with clothes in every bright shade on the spectrum.

It's a great colour for dark, miserable winter. And knowing that it's going to be appreciated by our menfolk gives us even more justification to splash out (as if it were needed).

However, I'm not sure if I go along with another red-related findings - that we women subconsciously choose to wear the colour at the time we're ovulating in a bid to attract a male.

Yep, that's what boffins from the University of British Columbia in Canada claimed last year.

But in recent times, we've seen red appear on celebrities for more and more big occasions.

Once a no-no on the red carpet this year's Oscars saw Jennifers Lawrence and Aniston appear in red, while at the Golden Globes, Lupita Nyong'o wowed the crowds in her LRD. At this week's VMA's Demi Lovato turned heads in red.

It's a trick that the likes of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett (there's a clue) Johansson have known for years, of course.

According to the Wuhan University study, the same applies to women and our thoughts on men in red, although not to quite the same degree.


This might explain the rash of red trousers that have been sweeping men's fashion for the past couple of years.

Apparently we girls find men slightly more sexually attractive, but the study also found that men wearing too much red can appear aggressive. So remember chaps, a little goes a long way.

Back to the ladies, though.

Whether you want to suggest a 'higher sexual opportunity for males' (because, according to the study that's just what you're doing girls), or have a thing for this upcoming season's 'new black', it's not pink that'll make the boys wink, but more red that'll lure them to bed.