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Pat's top 10 tips for holiday fitness

1 There are plenty of things you can do to keep your fitness regime going when abroad this summer. If there is a pool, try an egg and spoon race. Place a spoon in your mouth with either an egg or an apple on the spoon and try race one length with the family or friends without letting it drop off.

2Join in on a dance class or some aqua-aerobics - most complexes will have some sort of classes or a gym on site, so take advantage.

3If the beach is at your disposal try surfing or kite surfing! They are incredible full-body workouts, you will feel it on the legs and abs.

4Kayaking is great for the core, shoulders, arms and lungs and can be a breathtaking way to see the country side, not to mention a lot of fun.

5Sand dune running is really tough and can be a perfect way of getting some interval training done. Run both up and down the dunes targeting different muscles. It's low impact because of the sand and you also get an extra workout for the lower legs on the uneven surface. Be really careful to stay hydrated in the heat of the sun.

6Circuit training using your own body weight can fit in nicely into your holiday schedule. Being able to bring the whole family along can be great fun. Try being a little competitive, it never hurt anyone!

7Try to do lengths of the pool underwater. Fantastic for lung capacity and power. If you can't make the whole way at first aim to do the full length under water by the end of 
the holiday.

8Beach volleyball can be an excellent way of making friends. Not only is it brilliant fun, it's also a total body work out. Hitting cardio, agility, strength and stamina. Try challenge a neighbouring group of friends or a family to play against your crew.

9If yoga is available give it a try. It will compliment any training you are currently doing and keep you supple. It will also tap into that mind-body balance that will help you fully relax and recharge.

10 Spending long periods of time outside training in the hot sun can have its risks! Please make sure to use lots of sun screen and reapply after periods of sweating. Maintain hydration at all times. Drink when you are thirsty and try consuming at least 1-2 litres of pure water before going on to anything else.