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'Pat weighed me. I went to a corner and cried'

I'M NOT happy with what I see in the mirror. I haven't been looking closely for a while but clothes are beginning to pinch tighter, so there's no escaping the weight that has crept on in the past year or so.

I've been kidding myself that it's down to my Pill and I'll be grand if I just cut out the biscuits. However there are certain dresses in my wardrobe that I just know there's no point even attempting to get on. That's demoralising.

It feels like this extra weight has just snuck on overnight, but I know in my heart it's been gradual, due to greed and laziness.

The past few weeks I've been feeling pretty down about it all, but I didn't know where to start and lacked motivation. I work at home by myself and it's easy to sit there nibbling while I write.


I'm only 26 and should be fit as a fiddle, but I'm just the opposite and it's hard to wear the cute and sexy clothes I want to.

I want to be fit, but I'm afraid of failing or setting myself up for a fall. I need to be forced to go to the gym, and feel like I'm doing it for somebody else and not just myself -- that way I'd be afraid of letting other people down. Something has to be done now, before winter creeps in and I give in to the lure of hiding under woolies and scoffing comfort food. I want to feel confident this party season -- not like last year.

I am the laziest person I kno, and have one of the worst diets too. I eat rubbish, move rarely and have felt like crap for too long, so it's time to make a change. I went into Pat Henry's gym prepared to be completely honest and up for the challenge. Then he weighed me, and all I wanted to do was go into a corner and cry.

I am a full stone heavier than I thought I was. I realised just how much denial I've been in.

Pat measured me, assured me I do have a good figure that will tighten up nicely and then put me through my paces to see what I could handle. He seemed optimistic afterwards, but it really hit home after that it'll be a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul, kicking all my old eating habits to the curb and training consistently to get me in shape.

I am worried about self-discipline but with the best will in the world, here goes.

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