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Painting the town Blue ... pubs show their true colours to support Dubs

WE'VE all heard of painting the town red, but it seems that there are some people out there with a different idea.

Hundreds of Swords natives have signed a petition calling on residents to turn the town blue in the lead-up to Dublin's crunch All-Ireland football final against Kerry this Sunday.

As the Dubs chase their first Sam Maguire in 16 years, a website, 'Let's turn Swords blue for the Dubs', urges locals to show their support by turning their homes, cars and even jobs into temporary shrines to their home county.

Many shops in Swords have been completely gutted of their GAA merchandise by the town's fans, forcing large numbers to travel as far away as Coolock in order to get their hands on some footballing paraphernalia.


Interest in the Facebook group has exploded in the past few days, and the group's creator Mark Kearns has revealed to the Herald that it has come as a complete shock.

Mark, a barman in Swords' Old Boro pub, admits that he didn't think the site would do as well as it has.

"The reason I first set up the group was to get the other pubs in the area to get their decorations up as early as possible. With so many people not getting tickets it's great to walk into a pub or out of the house and it's awash with blue," he said.

"I hoped if the group got some 'likes' then others would join in too.

"So I sent the group to all the local pubs and a few friends, and the 'likes' started rolling in," added the 27-year-old. Other pubs and restaurants in the area are getting in on the action too, with Mark's Old Boro joined by the likes of Wrights Cafe Bar, The Lord Mayors Pub, the Old Schoolhouse and The Orchard in posting up pictures of their bars adorned with blue flags, banners and balloons.

Mark fully expects further pictures of Swords awash with blue to arrive on the site before Sunday.

And his plans for the game?

"Can't get a ticket for love nor money so it looks like I'll be working unfortunately.

"But I have no doubt the atmosphere in the pub will be excellent too.

"As for a prediction I have to be biased and say we're gonna do it, although it'll be very tight. But if we get the right start and the players are up for it, then Sam is definitely coming to Dublin."

The webpage has garnered attention among rival fans too, one die-hard Kerry native even taunting Dubs with the following: "Sam, like God, has only one home: the Kingdom. Sure Kerry is heaven for Sam, that's why he always comes home. Up the Kingdom! The jacks are slack."