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One in four in their 20s have had a same-sex experience

It is the age group which is most open to sexual experimentation and one-in-four people in their 20s said they have had a "same sex" experience.

The landmark Herald/Today FM Behaviour and Attitudes survey has revealed new insights into the sex lives of Irish adults aged between 20 and 49.

A total of 1,005 adults were polled and when asked if they have ever had a "same sex" experience of any kind, 24pc of those in their 20s said yes.

Around one in seven of all 30 to 39 year olds have had a same sex experience of some type in the past (14pc) – a figure which also holds true for those in their 40s. People in their 30s living in Dublin are more likely to report such an experience (20pc), than those outside the capital (11pc).

Meanwhile, the survey showed that just under 90pc of people in their 30s identify themselves as heterosexual, with 3pc saying they were gay or homosexual and 4pc saying they were bisexual.



Just 1pc of thirtysomethings described themselves as "asexual" and 2pc admit they are uncertain over their sexuality. A further 3pc refused to answer the question.

Across all the age groups, 86pc said that they were heterosexual, 3pc gay or homosexual, 4pc bisexual, 1pc asexual and 3pc said they don't know.

A total of 11pc of people in their 20s described themselves as either gay or bisexual, compared to 7pc of those in their 30s and 6pc in their 40s.

Meanwhile, people in their 30s living in Dublin were much more likely to define their sexuality as gay (7pc) and bisexual (6pc) than those living outside the main city, with 79pc saying they were heterosexual.

However some 91pc of people in their 30s outside of Dublin said they were heterosexual, with none saying they were gay and just 2pc saying they were bisexual.