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One fifth of workers planning to switch job

NEARLY 20pc of workers plan to leave their jobs this year, a survey has shown.

A poll of 1,000 adults by the Institute of Leadership and Management also revealed that a third were unsure about whether they will stay in their current role.

Of those who are leaving, most would like a similar or different job at a new firm, while one in 10 would like to start their own business.

Almost one fifth of employees aiming to leave their job said they were moving because they did not feel valued.

Charles Elvin, chief executive of the Institute of Leadership and Management in the UK, said: "The new year is always a popular time for workers to look ahead and think about how they can progress.

"Employees are beginning to reassess the job market and look into a range of new opportunities, from starting a new job to developing a new business.

"The survey illustrates how crucial it is that workers feel valued in the workplace. As many workers like to make a change at this time of year, organisations must adapt to this phase by offering opportunities to progress."