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Nollaig na mBan is making its own new tradition


WOMEN'S Little Christmas is traditionally meant to be when you would take a break from all that hard work over the festive season.

Hands up, I outsourced that to my mother and sister. So I really had a cheek marking it at all on Monday.

It's mostly a southern tradition. Corkonian women and women from the Kingdom have been all over this for generations. Cute, you see.

Well, this Tipp woman is on it now. And advises Dublin pub and restaurant managers to get on it too. Why not have Women's Little Christmas themed nights?

But I did so as a reminder to celebrate the women in my life. My mother, my late grandmothers, my sister, my friends and now my daughter. If nothing else, it's a day to pay tribute to the women you depend on, who inspire you, who help you, who need you.

Those female friends, who make you laugh a little louder, even before you've had a 'few drinks'.

If may seem like Paddywhackery nonsense to a generation of high powered, solvent, independent women but there's something about the notion of women gathering to let their hair down and be as free as birds that appeals to me.

I'm happy to leave 'the little women' tag to another era. But if the tradition of Women's Little Christmas is about women's customs and bonds, about kicking off the heels (even if it is in Coppers) I'll happily pretend I've been chained to cooker for the festive season.