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Nice guy or jerk? Just check his hands


Nice guys and jerks can be recognised at a glance by looking at men’s hands.

Scientists say men who are polite and considerate to women generally have ring fingers relatively longer than their index fingers.

Those with fingers closer to the same length turned out to be more quarrelsome and rude.

Research has shown that “digit ratio” – ring finger length divided by index finger length – is affected by hormone exposure in the womb.

The smaller the ratio, the more an unborn baby has been exposed to male hormones. This has an impact on the way adult men behave towards women, according to scientists at McGill University in Canada.


Prof Debbie Moskowitz said: “When with women, men with smaller ratios were more likely to listen attentively, smile, laugh compliment the other person.”

The “nice guys” with smaller ratios were less quarrelsome with women than they were with men. Men with larger ratios – whose ring and index fingers were nearer the same length – were equally likely to pick an argument with both.

During the study, 155 participants filled in forms for every social interaction of five minutes or more and checked off a list of behaviours.

Men with small digit ratios reported roughly a third more agreeable behaviours and a third fewer quarrelsome behaviours than men with large ratios.