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Nadia 'scared' after baring soul for Hollywood tales

TOP model Nadia Forde has revealed she's "scared" to be laying herself bare in her new TV3 show.

The 24-year-old half-Italian beauty will be giving fans an intimate look into her life with her forthcoming programme, Nadia Goes to Hollywood.

However, she admitted she is nervous about how she will come across in the show which airs on April 23.

Chronicling her time in the States as she tries to make a name for herself in the cut-throat music industry, it is an access-all-areas production.

"I am scared as there's far more of me in it than anybody has ever seen before," she told the Herald.

Forde first dipped her toes into the world of reality TV with a stint on Celebrity Salon.

Eager to spread her wings and move on from modelling, she then started appearing in TV commercials and had a stint in panto.

Last year saw her flying to LA to meet with a string of music producers in a bid to nab a record deal.

She spent much of 2013 trying to build up her profile Stateside while also writing and recording her own songs. She will launch her debut single this week with a double A-side demo BPM and Haunted.

Forde revealed how Haunted is about her own personal demons from her childhood. She wrote it with another friend but never intended to release it.


She said: "When I was in LA they asked me to try a more slow song and I did it and next thing I knew it was going on the single. Everyone who heard it, loved it.

"It's all about what I would have said to my parents as a child if I had written them an open letter."

She was closer to her grandmother growing up and said she does not have a close relationship with her parents.