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My son's graduated... and he's only four

I'M feeling emotional. My son graduated last week. I was glad to be wearing my huge oversized sunglasses to hide the tears that were welling up in my eyes. I was such a proud mum. I took many photos on my cheap disposable camera (I don't trust myself with expensive gadgets).

Gary received his scroll and shook hands with all the teachers. He is four and this was a milestone.

I'm also feeling old. It seems like just the other day I arrived at the playschool with my little tot. He was only able to say a few words and I was terrified he wouldn't be able to mix with the others. The wonderful teacher, Elizabeth, who taught myself in the same school many moons ago, suggested that he only stay an hour.

I was afraid Gary would cause a teary scene as I was leaving, but no, he couldn't wait to see the back of me. When I arrived an hour later to collect him he was clearly ticked off. He put up a struggle. I think I knew then he would never have a moment's trouble at the creche and he didn't. The last year-and-a-half has been full of wonderful memories.


Of course, since he started at the creche my home has become full of clutter as I find it hard to part with any of his artwork. Just the other day he brought home a red paper heart. "This is for you, Mummy," he said, "it's because I love you." Goodness, my heart almost melted. But later on that day while playing in the garden I heard him offer the same paper heart to Laura, the girl next door. Well, I couldn't be having that. I explained to him that he couldn't give my present away to someone now that it was mine. He stared at the ground sheepishly. "Sorry, Mummy." Needless to say Laura wasn't too impressed either.

Gary will start in his National school in September. I went to a coffee morning the other day at the new school to meet some of the other mums. I felt nervous walking in, knowing nobody. After all, I'd just got to know the other parents at the creche. And here I was starting all over again.


As soon as I walked in, a really lovely lady immediately encouraged me to join the parents' association. I was a little alarmed. What did that involve? Baking cakes? Sending out group emails? Or God forbid, attending meetings of some sort? I am not good at meetings. They remind me too much of my former life in an office. Oh dear. I hope I can offer something else. I mean I love teaching creative writing if that's a help, but please leave me in my comfort zone. No sewing or arts and crafts if I can possibly help it.

But life goes on. I am about to enter a new stage of it, along with my son.

The creche gave us a great send-off. It helped that the sun was beaming down and we were all out in the garden. We were treated to chilled wine.

I don't think such treats will be offered during the parent association meetings at the new school somehow.