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my perfect weekend

On Friday night I'd: I often eat out in town with my husband James in somewhere like Green 19. We then ramble into a local pub like Neary's if we're in town, or Humphreys in Ranelagh, to enjoy our own company or catch up with friends.

My favourite stiff drink is: Diet coke or sparking water with lemon (clearly not stiff drinks) as I am not much of a drinker. Occasionally, I take a sip of my husband's beer or wine just to make sure I'm not missing out and my conclusion has always been "Yep, this tastes nasty".

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session: Definitely sleep-in. I love sleeping and, thankfully, I'm a really good sleeper. I think working on call in hospitals for 36 hours at a time has made me really appreciate sleep.

My favourite item of clothing is: Shopping for clothes is definitely a vice of mine. My favourite item is a snakeskin pair of LK Bennett heels.

My Saturday night fever: A good night out with old friends for dinner then we'd probably head to an old man-style pub such as Smyth's of Ranelagh. If the energy levels were up, it would be onto McSorley's.

My favourite hangover cure: As mentioned, I avoid this situation. Sleeping for the entire day usually does the trick though (I have learned this from observation of others).

On Sunday I rest by: Having yet another sleep-in. Accepting a bowl of cereal in bed kindly provided by my husband (I have him well trained). I love going for a very lengthy walk and spending hours on the phone to my mum, sisters and friends.

I'm currently reading: If I am reading, it will be something nerdy like evidence-based guidelines or reading literature to prepare for Ireland AM. Someday I will return to reading for enjoyment but until then it's medical journals and Hello! magazine.

My last supper: Roast leg of lamb with stuffing, roast potatoes and all the trimmings.

Dr Sinead Beirne regularly gives health advice on Ireland AM – such as, there is no hangover cure...