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my perfect weekend

On Friday night I'd: Finish up whatever I've been doing that day and go out for a long run to recharge and let go of the week. After that, depending on the plans for the weekend, I'll either get ready for a night in or a night out.

My favourite stiff drink is: Has to be pints of Guinness every time. But if I'm out for a long night I'll more than likely switch to Jack Daniels. There is only so much of the black stuff a man can take!

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session: Definitely not a gym session. I keep working out to the weekday evenings so I can relax over the weekend, so a lie-in for sure. And a very long one at that. The only sit up I do on a Saturday is to turn off the alarm clock.

My favourite item of clothing is: Well with the weather the way it is I'd have to say my wool scarf. I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago and it has served me well through snow and rain. Also a sentimental attachment so it's definitely my favourite.

My Saturday night fever: When I'm playing with my band Shove it's always a good night afterwards. I love places like Bruxelles, Davy Byrne's and Whelan's, and if I'm keeping it local it's O'Dwyers or Fillies in Leopardstown.

My favourite hangover cure: Eddie Rocket's. A classic burger, chilli fries and a huge coke.

On Sunday I rest by: Relaxing on the couch with my girlfriend and a couple of good movies. My absolute favourite time of the week, recharging, laughing about the weekends events and eating takeaway. Both trying to forget that there's another week about to start.

I'm currently reading: A book by Daniel Kahneman called Thinking Fast and Slow. Really interesting look at the way the mind works and why we make the choices we make.

My last supper: It's a tough one actually, because I do love my grub, but if I was pushed I'd have to say a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.

> Anna Coogan

Shove will play in Whelan's of Wexford Street on November 28