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my perfect weekend

Vanessa is owner of Industry in Cow's Lane, Temple Bar, which specialises in salvaged industrial furniture from postal desks to metal shelving units.

On Friday night, I'd: For me, Friday night is like a week night as I work on Saturday, so I generally just head home and chill out watching all the rubbish programmes I have recorded during the week. (Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy and Bones being some of my favourites).

My favourite stiff drink is: Vodka with cranberry juice and a slice of lime.

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session? Unfortunately, the shop needs me on a Saturday morning -- but definitely a Sunday morning lie-on over the gym any day.

My favourite item of clothing is: Don't know really. Fashion isn't exactly my forte, but if I had to choose something I'd probably say a black All Saints dress I have. Or my 10 pairs of the same skinny jeans nobody can get me out of.

My Saturday night fever: Catching up with friends over a few drinks in town. Regulars include The Clarendon Bar, Hogan's and The Market Bar.

My favourite hangover cure: My favourite hangover cure would definitely have to be a fry. I am not a big drinker and don't drink often but when I do, a fry is my only saviour.

On Sunday, I rest by:

I love to chill out on Sundays and take it easy with my boyfriend John. I work on Saturdays so it's our only day together. We normally have to do a bit of cleaning and then we go out for a bite to eat. Then, we normally come home and hang out with the animals, read the papers and then think about making some dinner.

I'm currently reading: A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen who was homeless when he was befriended by a cat and now his life has changed for the better. It's not the best written book I've ever read, but I am enjoying it.

My last supper: My last supper would have to be a roast dinner. I'm a bit of a farmer's wife when it comes to food. I love hearty, home-cooked food, there's nothing like roast potatoes and home-made stuffing!