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Picnic-bound, Dublin singer songwriter, James Vincent McMorrow (above), recalls his debut appearance at Stradbally...

"When I put the first album out in 2010, no-one really knew who I was. I didn't really play shows that much, and I didn't play very good shows in the beginning because I was totally nervous. I brought in musicians, but it was still pretty small, and I was still a little bit like, 'I'm not sure whether we're on the right track here'.

We went to the Picnic that September 
and we opened the Crawdaddy stage on the Sunday, which is a weird slot. I mean, I'd never been at the Picnic before, so I had no idea what to expect, but I kind of figured we might be playing to 20 people, and that was gonna be okay.

We were playing at 1pm, and everything was set up, and maybe ten minutes before the show, I walked up the ramp at the back of 
the stage, and to say that the tent was 
like, completely full, is not just a silly 
exaggeration. It was totally rammed, and you could see people running down the hill to try and get in just before we started.

It was the first moment where things clicked for me and where we played a really great show in response to a really great crowd. People were singing along to the songs and it just felt special, and it stayed with me because it really gave me a lot of heart. It 
really felt like, 'I could be on to something here'. It was probably the best festival 
 experience that I've ever had..."

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