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‘Mum always sees through the bluster ’

Xpose presenter Karen Koster is the youngest in her family with an older brother and sister. We caught up with Karen and her mum Brenda to talk about their mum-and-daughter relationship.


"My relationship with my mum hasn't changed that much over the years -- mum has always been such a consistent source of support for me and I still seek out her advice.

"One of my earliest memories of mum is when she was doing her make-up at the kitchen table because the light was good there. To this day, we both love playing around with different beauty products.

"I also remember when I was small, I would go to Mass with her and she'd give me some coins to put in the collection basket.

And I remember when I went from senior infants to first class, mum brought home a pleated skirt that she'd got for me in Arnotts and I was so excited!

"My mum has good instincts about people and can see through the bluster. The qualities I most admire in my mum are her patience and her calmness. She never really gets het up about things and she is also very practical.

"I think we are similar in that we like to get on with the practicalities in life."


"Karen's sister and brother were 10 and 13 when she was born so having a baby really drew the family together again. We joke and say she had two sets of parents. We were never stuck for babysitters as she grew older.

"Karen was very shy when she was younger which is unbelievable to think about when I see her on television now. She came on a lot thanks to speech and drama and taking part in debating at school.

"She was very diligent during her school years and was thankfully one of those children who you never had to ask if they'd done their homework!

"One memory of Karen always sticks in my mind: when my own mother died, I was very upset and Karen was able to console me. She pointed out that my mum, who had lived on her own, had spent her last few weeks living with us and gained a lot from that. When Karen said that, she really brought some comfort to me.

"She is very busy with her job and with her boyfriend but she is a great daughter. She is very thoughtful and kind. Due to her job, she spends a lot of time out and about so when we get together, we like to eat at home rather than go out."

Karen will appear at Xpose LIVE in the RDS Dublin (April 9-11) and Silver Springs Cork (May 14-16). Next week: Radio presenter Siobhan O'Connor and her mum Lorna