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V60 is V Sexy

AND now, an apology ... of sorts.

It appears that I got it completely wrong when I said last week that Land Rover had "given up" on Ireland.

Apparently I was wrong too when I said that Land Rover had closed down its Irish HQ and gone back to old Blighty.

And 'Doh', it looks like I got the wrong end of the stick with the belief that Land Rover no longer allow its models to be tested rigorously by Irish journalists, via the medium of the press drive.


The confusion began last week in a piece about the highlights for the year ahead, and in particular the arrival of the all-new Range Rover Sport - some people were not happy, least of all Land Rover themselves.

In a strongly worded letter, Jaguar Land Rover Ireland (JLRI) took exception to the statement that Land Rover had quit Ireland and shut down its Irish HQ.

It has insisted that despite claims to the contrary, nothing has changed at Land Rover Ireland, except the obvious insertion of the word 'Jaguar'.

To add to the confusion JLRI confirmed in its email that it has indeed "ceased the operation of its national sales company", yet contradicts that the Herald observations are "wholly inaccurate" and are designed to cause confusion amongst our readers.

So for the record: "I'm sorry guys, Land Rover has not given up on Ireland (apparently), it has just ceased operations with it national sales company and shut down its press fleet."

And on that note: Why are Irish journalists no longer allowed test Land Rovers or Range Rovers, and why are Irish journalists no longer invited to international launches?

Now that that little matter has been clarified we'll move swiftly on.

It's kind of appropriate that we are talking about high quality carriages this week, because that's exactly what I've been enjoying of late, compliments of Volvo and the stunning new Volvo V60.

Volvo has grown in recent years into one of the world's best cars -- its XC marques have always ticked the right boxes.

And the V60 is another powerhouse of a manufacturer that has moved from dourly sober to devastatingly super.


Highlights of the V60 were multiple, including extremely economical performance, massive amounts of luggage and passenger space, and sleek, sexy looks.

A fully automatic gearbox, sizzling stereo system and high end luxury comfort thanks To Tyosland T-Tec Textile upholstery onboard.

But the real gem here is the stunning performance, which is simply awesome.

Take off is as good as it gets, and acceleration stupendous, surprisingly brilliant in fact.

And best of all, the Volvo V60 starts at just €34,000 for the ES models fitted with the D3 engine -- and you get plenty of goodies for your cash.

For that you get cruise and climate control, a five-inch display screen and heated door mirrors on entry models.

R-Design top the range models come with a sporty bodykit, stiffer suspension as well as 18-inch alloy wheels.