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Taking it to the max

I don'tT like the Green Party, but that doesn't mean I take any satisfaction with their humiliating and bloody self annihilation.

Oh no, we here at Herald Top Gear will not dance on the grave of the tree hugger, and we certainly will not revel in the death of the most divisive group of people in the history of the Irish automobile.

Just because there are now six more lentil swillers sitting around, doing nothing all day doesn't give glee to anyone in this neck of the woods.

And anyway, it isn't always a good thing to see the demise of a group of such principled, morally self-righteous souls -- no matter how repugnant.

Look at what happened to Iraq when Saddam's Ba'ath Party went out of business - all hell broke lose.

Just like the despotic Iraqis, the Green Party assumed a Comical Ali presence in their final days of power.

Take for example last week when Gormless John urged Fine Gael to consider the Greens as their new coalition partners when it came to choosing a new Government.

Erm, only problem is John, you forgot one important detail ... you need some TDs of your own.

That's why I've come up with the perfect solution for ridding Ireland of this bunch of sandal-clad clots, that doesn't include hanging, stoning or beheading.

Let's just stick the six former Green TDs, and Danny 'Boy' Boyle into the all new seven-seater Grand Ford C Max and point them towards Libya.

Once in Tripoli they can use their past mistakes to advise the equally deranged Colonel Gaddaffi on how best to get through the final few days of power without losing his head.

And more importantly it would be a novel way of determining the wonderful talents of one of the finest family cars I've had the pleasure to drive for some time.

Unlike the Greens the Ford Grand C-Max is relevant, practical and has plenty going for it.

The highlights are the delicious sliding side doors, the zippy performance and the styling, an area which sets the tone for like-minded MPVs to lose that dour, boring look and get sexy.

And I was also lucky to have the 5 seater C-Max in recent weeks, the smaller, but equally capable sibling of the Grand.


Despite its five seats the C-Max was as good a drive thanks mainly to a terrific 2.0 TDCi engine, beautifully controlled by an automatic gearbox.

The drive itself was exhilarating and held firm on the most robust of roads, with great control and poise for such a cumbersome beast. The Titanium model was luxurious and extremely comfortable, with all the sexy extras including Park Assist.

But back to the Grand for a moment. I know they're just doors but with a family of young uns as I have, the practicalities are numerous.

More practicality comes with the 7 seats, especially for anyone who has kids that need their own space on long journeys, or kids who coincide trips in the car with fighting their siblings.

The C-Max Titanium comes in 6 speed manual, and is every bit as fresh as its little brother when it comes to performance.

The Ford Grand C-Max Titanium will cost you from €31,695 with entry models from €24,495.