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Stylish and sexy ... it must be the XC60

NOW we know the carriage of choice for the average New York car bomber is . . . the Nissan Pathfinder.

So next time you find yourself in Times Square with 200lbs of explosives, a barrel of propane and a box of fireworks, the Pathfinder is your only man.

The Pathfinder’s unwitting elevation as the world’s most famous SUV comes as some welcome relief for Toyota. The mere fact that a Nissan and not its biggest Japanese rival has been picked by Osama bin Terrorist also tells us that the Taliban had nothing to do with the attempted May Day attack on New York.

Once upon a time no self respecting Talibani would leave home without the so-called best build 4x4 in the world.

A HILUX, a rocket launcher and 20 of your close mates made for a fine weekend getaway to the Bora Boras.

Whether Toyota’s recent publicity problems had anything to do with Faisal Shahzad’s choice of car remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, the Pathfinder is the most talked about car this week.

Despite it being used as a potential bomb to blow the heart out of the freeworld as we know it, the Pathfinder is one of those beautiful SUVs that look and feel fantastic no matter what.

Similarly, the Volvo XC60 is one of those stunning SUVs that wins whether it is being driven on the school run or on an

ammo run through Jallalabad. In fact the XC60 is so good I’ll take it over it’s bigger brother the XC90 any day. And why? Because it is stunning looking, a real pioneer in the SUV stakes.

But first things first. The XC60 is, of course, a Volvo, first and foremost.


So straightway you know you’re getting a very simple dash, little by way of gadgets, or in this time of elections, nothing by way of spin. Just intelligent, no frills, supercars that will knock the beJaysus out of you in the performance stakes.

The XC60 might be one of the smaller Volvo cross country offerings, but even still it is vast inside. The car feels wide, long, and extremely roomy for all the family, or the local terror cell.

Clarkson always says that the XC90 is the world’s best family car, but the XC60 is not a bad understudy.

Performance, compliments of a hot 2.4 litre diesel engine was supreme, acceleration was completely awesome if a little out of control, thanks to a jaw slopping 170bhps.

The DRIVEe badge on the back gives the impression for those Green gobshites that this is an eco machine – it is of course a typical Volvo … a thirsty enough individual.

It’s the styling that’s the big winner here, inside and out. Fabulously loud two tone seats, front and back, are only as remarkable as the stunningly profile of the beast.

What Volvo have done is to radically sex-up the shape of the once-boxy Volvo and turn it into a super sleek, yet upwardly mobile, 4x4. And the results are simply delicious. Move over Pathfinder, you have a rival.

The Volvo XC60 DRIVe will cost you between €45,000 to €52,000 depending on what spec you choose.