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No Kings of Leon ... just radio gaga

SO THE Spanish have won the World Cup.

Just don’t ask them to design a car radio.

In fact, keep them the hell away from dashboards, full stop.

While David Villa, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez made their way to footballing nirvana, avoiding a flurry of kung-fu kicks, rabbit punches and general Dutch destruction, a designer geek called Pedro was putting the finishing touches to this car’s entertainment system at a Seat factory in Martorell, Spain.

Our friend Ped had obviously downed a few Sangrias before his shift and had been caught up in the whole hullabaloo of the momentous game.

While his buddies were all celebrating down on the man drag slaying bulls, flamenco dancing and screaming ‘ariva, ariva’ the said Ped was trying to create a complicated communications device worthy of his artistic genius.

It would be so special were it not completely indecipherable to anyone other than a cross breed between Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and that nerd who invented facebook. Flash back one week, yes Ped can also travel in time, and a hapless chap in Dublin is hurtling down the motorway at breakneck speed swatting at the same wireless in desperation, trying to tune out the atrocious tones of George ‘The Geriatric’ Hook.

As Hookie pronounced his muddled opinions on all things wrong with young people today, I veered left and right as I tried to tune in something a little less mind-numbing … ‘Mary Wilson, anyone?’

The net result is that I couldn’t figure out how to work the radio in a Seat, and had to listen to jibbering George and some other old man prattle on about the merits of the Magnificent Seven for 20 kilometres.

Why can’t a supposedly educated man who has come across more than his fair share of car radios and onboard entertainment systems not figure out the stereo in a reasonably priced small car? I have iPods, damn it.

Now, you are probably wondering if I am going a little bit overboard on the car bloody stereo….do ya think?

Not a bit of it. For me, the most important part of any car interior, apart from comfort itself, is the ability to enjoy music, conversation and no George Hook, while moving from point A to Point B.

And if we’re to get really picky here, the guy who designed the radio, Pedro, decided to surround it with one of the most boring dashboards in the business - topped with a silver trim that reflects in the window causing another distraction to compound the radio pickle I was already in.

Right, moving swiftly on. The rest of the car. Well, so pissed off was I by the whole ‘radio thing’ I had completely lost sight that the rest of the car was pretty good indeed.

It ran smoothly, performed capably, it was nippy, handled fine, and made all the right noises (except for the radio, mind).

And it looked great. Because style is the one thing that Seat do very well indeed.

This newly remodelled Seat Leon is quite the head turner for a small car, a Penelope Cruz of mini motors, with duck pout.

The Seat Leon will cost you €18,275, and yes that does include the useless stereo.