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Mini marvel

It’s a victory for female drivers everywhere.

Ever since Emily Pankhurst and her pals started playing havoc with the racing card, women have demanded to be treated as equals, not least on the road.

And equality finally came last week in the shape of a Brussels beak, who ruled that women should pay the exact same as men for motor insurance.

And how was this historic moment greeted by the wagon driving Wags of Ireland? Erm, funnily enough not very well.

It appears that equality is all very well, but not when it doesn’t match your version of equalitarianism.


Femmes everywhere cried that they have nothing to do with road accidents, and as if to hit home the point a woman called Mary drove headfirst down the front steps of Leinster House in a Hyundai (and it was caught on camera).

You see that’s the problem with equality, when you have to deal with the same bad things as men then it suddenly becomes an inconvenience not worth having.

Well ladies, this week Daddy Top Gear will try to shake you out of your motor insurance misery with the perfect pick-me up for the female driver.

The MINI Cooper S is just about the best looking small car in the world.

The one I had came in a Laser Blue with chequered trimmings at various points around the front and back of the car.

Throw in the double chrome exhausts and delicious conical spoke alloys and you have a real fantasy affair.

The Cooper S continues to be a thing of beauty on the inside where a carbon black interior set the mood deliciously. Of course this being MINI you can customise your car according to your own tastes and come up with a completely unique scheme inside and out.

Now it is easy to miss the big picture with so may beautiful trimmings and soft furnishings. But the real magic begins once you press that little ignition button which controls the most delicious 1.6 litre engine I ever did drive.

The sports engine bangs out around 185 bhps, which for such a compact car is quite exhilarating.

The sheer surge from the MINI Cooper S once you kick that accelerator is quite extraordinary, not to mention the scream of the engine upon takeoff.

Such is the raw poke that it will catapult you from 0-100 in an eye-watering 7 seconds and if you keep the hammer down it’ll go all the way to 228kmh

The Cooper S will cost you €33,531 when you throw in all the trimmings including snow tyres, chequered extras and Garmin navigation system.