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Megane Coupe just got hotter with GT styling

There's no fool like an old fool.

Yes folks, even a motoring expert can get caught out from time to time.

That time came last week with the delivery of the Renault Megane Coupe for a vigorous test drive.

As the glistening Glacier White hot hatch rolled up, I knew instinctively something was different.

It looked a little more toned, moody and giving loads of attitude.

Maybe it was the bigger 17 inch Celsium aluminium alloys?

Maybe it was the deeper more flared front and rear bumpers finished with piano black inlay?

Maybe it was the sporty half leather bucket seats with RS logo embossed in the headrests?

Could it have been the drilled aluminium pedals, the sunken dials with sporty white backgrounds or the polished carbon trim running around the cabin?


Perhaps it was the distinctively black electric folding wing mirrors or was it the very subtle badging nestled beneath the diamond under the grille an on the bootlid?

One could be forgiven for thinking that this little scally had escaped from the Renault Sport compound and somehow made its way onto my driveway.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the GT line -- a model that has all the characteristics of a racing thoroughbred - bar the price.

How's that work then?

Simple, take all the bits that give the feel of a road legal rally car and twin it with a bog standard engine - even a diesel one.

The result is simply stunning.

A fab looking hot hatch that's as easy on the pocket as a moped.

Because it's powered by a 110 bhp, 1.5 litre diesel, it has plenty of poke while returning nearly 60mpg and it costs only €104 a year to tax (until the December Budget that is).

It's also loaded with safety features like ESC (Electronic Stabilty Control with traction and understeer control) cruise control with speed limiter and a host of airbags including lateral and curtain bags.

This car is what every parent out there is dreaming of.

I know if I had a couple of learner driver teenagers at home it would be a happy outcome for all concerned.

A sheep in wolves clothing -- just what every twentysomething should be driving.

The Megane Coupe, under scrappage is still only €14,800 .... if you rush.