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Mazda 3: So, maybe I am a 3 hugger after all

DOES anybody else think it’s strange that BP has decided to pour its entire Gulf Oil reserve back into the ocean?

What's even stranger is that the Green Party are more vocal about charging little old ladies for their tap water than the total wipeout of the Mississippi Delta region.

Those unctuous little Greens seem more animated about attacking the Mums of Ireland at the pumps for their fuel, and for home heating oil.

They're a party that are doing more to damage our wellbeing than improving our environment, instead of doing something about the real polluters out there.

What better way of making a statement against the Texan oil billionaires who have completely throttled an entire eco-system, than whacking a great big briquette tax on a pensioner in Tallaght.

And don't think I'm kidding you -- the Green Party are seriously looking at ways of putting a tax on a bail of briquettes.

Coal, turf, firewood ... what next? Tax the Mexicans for having too much oil lapping up on their shores?

What really infuriates more than anything is that there is no consistency in their policies.

Everything is completely contradicted -- a bit like the Pope at a child welfare rally.

They spend a fortune on limousines for foreign travel, they fly first class, their ministers cycle to the Dail for photo-ops while their drivers wait in their massive cars around the corner.

But perhaps the funniest and most contradictory of all is the Irish Green Party have their leader's address, at their annual conference, during Earth Hour.


Onlly Gormless and his mob could get it so badly wrong that they encourage people to turn on the television while the world's other crusties are telling us to turn everything off.

It so refreshing that in a search for consistency the Mazda3 stands tall in a world of spin and busted oil rigs.

The Mazda3 has evolved into a thing of sheer beauty.

It is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous looking cars in its class.

Mind you, you pays for what you gets. And with the Mazda3 you actually get a stonking great ride.

The VW Golf and the Ford Focus are the main rivals in this sector, and it is fair to say that the Mazda3 is every bit as good, if not better.

Some commentators have said that the latest 3 isn't as well sculpted as its predecessors, but I disagree entirely. The 3 simmers in style, thanks to the super 17 inch alloys, the sleek nose and the wide arches, certainly plenty of Va Va Voom - There, I said it..Happy?

Inside the car is as normal as any other in its class, and I have seen contradictions of too many buttons and switches.

However, and this is the real winner, it's the performance what counts.

The Mazda3 is a peach on the road.

The 103 bhps seem way more substantial, but it's the handling, steering and smoothness of the drive, as well as bags of pace that really hit the spot.

The Mazda3 will cost you from e21,030 - e29,495.