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Ian Mallon gives it a right old lash in BMW's mighty Convertible

THIS was a very good week for women drivers.

And all because a lady in Riyadh was let off with the ungodly act of driving her husband's car.

After being caught behind the wheel of her hubby's new Beamer, the woman was sentenced to 10 lashes, until King Abdullah stepped in to save her.

What was even more astonishing is that the wife in question had been given permission by the husband to drive the car, so much so, that he was sitting in the passenger seat when it was stopped by Riyadh Highway Patrol.


According to news wire reports last week, the man just shrugged and smiled when asked why his Mrs was driving his car.

Now don't call me a mad mullah but surely the one who should have been sentenced to 10 lashes here was the man.

Any bloke who lets his wife drive his BMW is careless but one who's protected by a law that bars his wife from taking the car, then that's just unforgivable.

Now if the lady in question had been behind the wheel of the new BMW 6 Convertible then the chances are that the cops wouldn't have caught her.

But don't forget that this is Riyadh and this is a place where until recently the bicycle was seen as an offensive weapon where women are concerned.

Now, if the woman had nicked her husband's bicycle and gone for a quick hop down to the local Tesco Express for a can of beer you might turn the other way.

But this is now a matter of principle and the owner of the car in this case should be soundly trashed, via the medium of 10 lashes, instead.

When I first met my wife I borrowed her car for a quick jaunt to the shops and I might as well have been shot for the grief I received.

Okay, so the facts that I didn't tell her I was taking it, I didn't return until the following day, and it was robbed in the meantime, probably didn't help.

Now if the car in question is the BMW 6 Convertible then that's a different matter entirely.

During my tenure with the most delicious Beamer on the road I had friends, acquaintances and wives beg me for a spin in it.

And who could blame them? This is the recession busting, economy-burying supercar of the year.

The new 6 is an eye-watering combination of power, looks and style, packaged together under one of the best badges in the business.


It is one of the most impressive cars I have ever had the pleasure of driving, and it is a completely new take on a once glorious model

The car is sleeker, sportier and more substantial than its predecessor -- a genuine supercar.

Prices for the new 6 Series start at €97,480.