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Hybrids just got sexy

No sooner has the Green Party sunk without a trace than a raft of hybrids have arrived in the parking lot.

It's almost like the very brains behind the eco-movement were waiting for the idiots who tried to hijack it for their own grubby gains to disappear back into the hole they came from.

I've never doubted that environmentally friendly motoring is the way forward, but not for the reasons that the Green Party would have you believe.

I firmly believe that the world is big enough and old enough to look after itself, and it certainly doesn't need a few buck-teethed liberals to decide how it evolves.

What I object to is the billions of euro being paid to Saudi princes and Libyan Colonels for oil -- on that note, does anyone know why Gaddafi only ever reached the rank of Colonel?

So anything that gives less money to greedy Sheiks has got to be good.

Last week I told you about the joyous Prius electric hybrid and this week along comes the Honda CR-Z.

The CR-Z is the first ever green sports car I've had, and it's like nothing that I've ever seen or driven before.

As I walked out to take charge of the eco-roadster two Italian tourists were encircling it yelping like puppies: "It'sa beutifula car, bella, bella."

While the Italians are good judges of what's hot in the shades and skinny jeans department, a nation of Fiat drivers are probably not the best judges of cars.

But these two were absolutely spot on.

The CR-Z looks like a condensed, sleeker version of a Prius crossed with second generation Honda Civic.

It's so cool it recently scooped a 'Good Design Awards' gong, on top of its 'Top Gear Magazine' and 'What Car?' trophies.

Once the incredible excitement of all those great looks subside it's time to check out the interior

When inside, and it's not as much of a squeeze as you might think, the wow factor continues apace.


The most striking thing about being in a CR-Z is the laser blue lighting that illuminates the dash and interior -- it all points to a space age experience.

Of course being a Honda though, this is all about the driving.

As you might expect from a Japanese car maker the ride is slick and pacy, handling is delicious and grip superb.

Being a hybrid this of course is not the car to be racing from Co Kildare every day, and as you might expect when travelling at any pace it honks back the juice.

No, this is all about city driving and this is the most perfect urban car on the market.

Its size, stunning fuel consumption credentials and sportiness make the CR-Z the ultimate in modern city motoring.

The CR-Z will cost you from €26,630 to €29,400 depending on spec.