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Grand is a Megane for all seasons

If the type of car you buy defines your personality then what quirky individual buys an estate?

A hippy, a tradesman, a dog lover, a load lugger or a hoarder perhaps?

It's all of the above and, of course, the 'cute hoor'.

Now the 'cute hoor' is the one who is constantly thinking outside the box. Yep, they are the irritating bores who always see the big picture and rarely buy on impulse. They are first in, last out and are pretty much always in the right place at the right time.

Unlike me who'd have his head turned by the Coupe or the 5 door version of the Megane, the 'cute hoor, firstly realises that it is the same price as the the other models but more importantly, offers a greater range of versatility.

There is quite literally nothing this wagon can't do.

I was fortunate enough to take charge of the Megane Grand (it's official handle) during the most recent cold spell and it proved a lifesaver.

The front wheel drive, high torque diesel was made for weather like this and took to the snow like a husky even in a foot of the beastly stuff.


There is acres of room in the cleverly designed cabin with hidden cubbyholes everywhere, including the floor.

Couple that with a low loading tailgate and folding seats both in the rear and front passenger and you can see all the boxes being ticked.

I was pleasantly surprised how easily I could fit two mountain bikes in the back for a trip to the local park.

The bootspace increases from 486 litres with the five-seat configuration, up to 1,600 with the seats flat.

It's loaded with goodies with air-con, cruise control onboard computer andbuilt-in sat-nav on (with speed camera alert €490 extra) the TomTom model.

But price and running costs is where the 'cute hoor' is king and the Megane range is impossible to beat - hence their No1 slot last year.

Because of the low emissions the 1.5dci 89bhp generates just 115g/km while returning over 60mpg.

While it won't set the world on fire performance-wise it qualifies for VRT band A which means €104 a year to tax.

Throw in a five-year warranty and a price tag of €14,800 for the Grand, Coupe or hatchback and it's plain to see you'd be a mad hoor to ignore it.