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Could this be the face of thE new Capri?

It looks like an Aston Martin, but it is in fact ... a Ford.

The stunning new coupe has sparked rumours the blue oval badge is about to relaunch the legendary Capri.

Breaking with tradition, the motor giant has steered away from its bread and butter models such as the Mondeo, Focus and the Fiesta to launch the "face of the future" at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Evos, with its gull-wing doors and sporty contours, brought gasps from motoring press ahead of the show.

The car has been compared with the Ford Mustang of the 60s and spawned gossip it will lead to the relaunch of the Capri, the signature 70s Ford still well-regarded by motor enthusiasts.

Ford says the Evos is a concept car that "showcases the future global design language" of the marque.

That means it is a prototype that gives an idea of how Ford plans to standardise design across all its models.