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Mothers losing sleep over jobs

HALF of mothers lose sleep worrying about their careers, says a new study.

Recruitment firm Women Like Us said it had noticed a growing trend of women registering with the company in the middle of the night.

The survey of 1,500 women found that just over half were being kept awake at night by work worries, including concerns about balancing careers with family life.

One in 10 said they started worrying when they were pregnant.

TV rows spoil festive spirit

WHAT to watch on television and relatives over-indulging in Christmas drinks are the most likely causes of arguments over the festive season, a survey said.

TV related issues soared into first place, with 62pc of over 2,000 people citing them as the most likely cause of an argument, according to satellite TV service Freesat.

Deciding what programmes to watch was the main cause of a clash for 22pc, while 19pc argued over the TV remote control.

NZ privacy row before election

POLICE have obtained warrants to search four media organisations following a privacy complaint from New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

Police said today they plan to wait until after a court hearing tomorrow before taking any action. That drags out the dispute until closer to Saturday's national elections.

Mr Key invited media to an event last week, but then asked them to leave while he had a private conversation with a political ally. Cameraman Brad Ambrose recorded the conversation.

Mr Ambrose claims the recording was accidental; Mr Key claims it was deliberate.

Feeling down? Watch a sitcom

WATCHING sitcoms is the top 'cheering up' activity, according to a survey into viewing habits.

TV Channel Gold said more than two thirds of the 4,000 respondents preferred watching a sitcom to drinking a glass of wine or chatting to their mothers.

Three quarters of the men polled preferred to tune into a sitcom rather than speak to their mothers if they were feeling upset.