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Mothers and daughters: ‘My daughter has pepped up my confidence’

Anna Daly is a presenter on TV3's Ireland AM and is the only daughter in her family, with one younger brother. We spoke to her and her mum Ann about their mother-daughter relationship.


"The quality I most admire in my mum is probably the fact that she is unbelievably selfless. She thinks of everyone before herself and is a very kind person. Like a lot of mothers, she can be found fussing around the dinner table, making sure everyone has enough of everything before she sits down herself.

"She is very thoughtful and will do things such as leave some fresh food in my house when I'm due back from holidays. She goes out of her way to think about other people.

"It's a running joke between my brother and I that my mum is so soft that if she was on jury duty, she'd let the defendants off. But having said that, she could be strict enough about serious stuff when we were growing up.

"One of my earliest memories of my mum is of us out in the Phoenix Park playing around. She's always been a very fun-loving and affectionate person.

"She's also very stylish, so she's a good person to go shopping with.

"I think our relationship has become closer over the past few years -- when you're a teen, you're obviously too cool for school and out and about all the time. But nowadays, my mum and I talk every day and we often arrange to meet up to go shopping, have a long lunch and a good chat!"


"One of my strongest memories of Anna from her childhood was when she was around three and a half and I was picking her up from creche. All the parents were waiting outside and we found out that Anna was organising games inside with the other children and getting everyone involved, even the shy kids.

"Her teacher said she'd be good at a job in PR, which is what she worked at before going into TV presenting.

"Anna has a very kind nature and you feel you can trust her with your life. You can confide in her and she's a very good listener.

"What Anna has done for me is pep up my confidence. I can often be very shy and Anna tells me things that make me feel great.

"When Anna moved out of home, I did wonder if I would see as much of her, but we talk every day and we really look forward to spending time together.

"When Anna was getting married, she asked me what I thought about things for the wedding and it was really lovely to be involved."