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Money was so tight our guests took the photos



Laura Lucy Kenny (33) and her husband Stephen (34) have known each other most of their lives but the couple, from Blackrock, only got together 10 years ago. And after becoming parents to two boys (Oscar, 6 and Beoan, 3) they finally tied the knot on New Year's Eve 2010 with the minimum of fuss.

"There have been far less than seven degrees of separation between Stephen and I for years. We grew up in the same area of Dublin, repeated our Leaving Certificate together at St Laurence's School and then Stephen showed up uninvited to my house party a few years later. I thought he was hot, but probably trouble.

"We officially met one very hot and sunny day at Vico beach in Dalkey when we were about 24 and have been inseparable ever since.

"A glorious three years later, we had our first 'love child' Oscar and a very 'planned' son Beoan arrived two and a half years later.

"We became tired of living in 'sin' and so got married on New Year's Eve 2010 by signing the legal documents in the Wicklow Register Office with only our parents and our two boys present.



"It was such an awful building we didn't want anyone else there – no rings were exchanged and no kiss, purely the legal bit.

"We met our guests at the Glen View Hotel and my brother Christian led us in with a traditional Here Comes The Bride on his saxophone. There were about 45 guests in total – we had to be ruthless as money was very tight at the time.

"But we didn't feel that money should decide whether or not two committed people should marry. If you want to marry, you should marry. We explained to people that the wedding would be an extremely intimate affair with an aunt and uncle from each side present as representatives, immediate family and a few extremely close friends.

"My father performed the wedding ceremony in the Library Room (he's not a priest, just a great man who people like to listen to) and our first dance together was to Harvest Moon.



"After the ceremony and speeches we all sat down to a champagne and full Irish breakfast.

"We couldn't afford a photographer so we asked anyone with a half-decent camera to click away and the photos turned out fantastic.

"The wedding party went home a few hours later and came back to our house later to ring in the New Year.

"It really was a fantastic day and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. It is probably easier now than ever to have a small wedding.

"People are more understanding and appreciative of finances and that the biggest doesn't always mean the best. Everyone's circumstances are different."