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We're all in it together

GREYSTONES Athletic Club has been involved in the Fit4Life programme since it started.

"Our present group is run in conjunction with Shoreline Sports Park in Charlesland, Greystones which has been in operation since September, 2006," says Theresa. "It is open to all and while we encourage participants to become athletic club members, it is not compulsory to do so.

"We run four training sessions a week at the track and we also organise Sunday morning runs for club members over different terrains and in a variety of locations around the county. Numbers attending vary from session to session with more than 40 at some of the evening sessions and 20 to 25 at morning sessions.

"We get a great variety of people taking part, from people who struggle to walk a lap of the track when they start to serious athletes who compete on a regular basis.

"Our programme is set up to suit all abilities and levels of fitness, and while we foster a sociable atmosphere, we work hard, constantly offer encouragement to our members and delight in watching them achieve their goals, however big or small.



"One lady who struggled to complete a 400m lap in the beginning kept coming week after week, and after a while started to take part in our Fit4Life races and has now completed her first marathon, all in the space of a couple of years.

"Participating in a group like ours means you get practical advice and encouragement, a variety of training sessions, good warm-up and stretching routines, a safe place to run, an opportunity to train with others of similar ability, a chance to train in a fun and sociable environment and an opportunity to take part in fun and/or serious races.

"The Flora Women's Mini Marathon is one of the main targets each year and numbers usually increase in the run-up to this event.

"This is often the first race that many of the women take part in and is hugely popular. It is a great event as it encourages women of all ages, shapes and sizes to get out and run, jog or walk and is proof positive that anyone can do it."