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Training with Eddie McDonagh - Week 8

Since we are now into eight weeks of training, you should be feeling the benefit of all your hard work.

If you are up to running four miles with ease, it might be time to enter one of the road races taking place around the country.

If you enter a race, remember not to get carried away when the starting gun goes. Stick to your training pace and wind up gradually to a pace you can maintain to the finish line.

Warm up for about 15 minutes before the race, jogging and stretching. If you can, run with a group or friend, so you can control the pace and avoid getting carried away.

Make sure you are comfortable up to half-way. Then lift your pace to above comfort level, without overdoing it to the point that you become exhausted and dehydrated.

Remember this is just a fun run.

Schedule 1 (Walkers)

Day 1 Walk 30 minutes (moderate pace).

Day 2 As Day 1, or alternative day's exercise (aerobics, swimming, cycling).

Day 3 Walk 35 minutes (slightly faster pace than Day 1).

Schedule 2 (Runners -- Beginners)

Day 1 Walk 5 minutes, stretch 5 minutes (warm-up). Jog 30 minutes. Walk 5 minutes, stretch (cool-down).

Day 2 As Day 1 or alternative day's exercise.

Day 3 Walk 5 minutes; stretch 5 minutes (warm-up). Jog 35 minutes slightly faster than Day 1. Walk/stretch 10 minutes (cool-down).

Schedule 3 (Runners -- Reasonably Fit)

Day 1 Jog 5 minutes, stretch 5 minutes (warm-up). Run 30 minutes. Walk/stretch 5 minutes (cool-down).

Day 2 Walk/jog 5 minutes, stretch 5 minutes (warm-up). Run 15 minutes(faster than Day 1.

Day 3 As Day 1.

Day 4 Jog 5 minutes, stretch 5 minutes (warm-up). Run 35 minutes (slightly faster than Day 1). Walk/stretch 5 minutes.

> Eddie McDonagh is part of Dundrum's Flora Women's Mini Marathon organising club, dundrum, south dublin

See www.florawomensminimarathon.ie for more information