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Training with Eddie McDonagh - Week 3

With the spring weather proving unpredictable, hats, gloves and waterproofs are still vital for keeping us warm and comfortable while we train.

While most people have their own unique way of moving, here are a few tips to improve on nature:

Run relaxed at all times; "train, don't strain". Relax your shoulders, face and neck so that your muscles do not "freeze-up" with the risk of jarring the rest of your body.

Finish each session knowing that you could carry on for another few minutes. Never get into breathing difficulties.

Establish a regular pattern of warming-up by walking or jogging for five to 10 minutes and then stretching for at least five minutes.

Cool down afterwards using the same formula. Sip water before, during and after training as dehydration can cause exhaustion.

Go to it ladies, until you reach "runners high" -- that feeling of euphoria and excitement you will feel, even after only a few weeks training.

Walkers' targets week 3

Day 1 Walk 25 minutes (moderate pace).

Day 2 As day 1 or alternative day's exercise, ie aerobics, swimming, team games.

Day 3 Walk 25 minutes (slightly faster than Day 1), preferably with a group.

Joggers' targets week 3 (Beginners)

Day 1 Walk 10 minutes; stretch five minutes (warm-up). Jog for 10 minutes (easy pace). Walk/ stretch five-10 minutes (cool-down).

Day 2 Alternative day's exercise, ie, aerobics, team games, swimming, cycling.

Day 3 Walk 10 minutes, stretch five to 10 minutes (warm-up). Jog 10 minutes (slightly faster pace than day 1). Walk/stretch for 10 minutes (cool-down).

Runners' targets week 3 (Reasonably fit)

Day 1 Walk jog five minutes and stretch five minutes (warm-up). Jog 20 minutes. Walk/stretch five-10 minutes (cool-down).

Day 2 As day 1.

Day 3 Walk/jog five minutes and stretch five minutes (warm-up). Jog 25 minutes. Walk/stretch five-10 minutes (cool-down).

> Eddie McDonagh is part of Dundrum's Flora Women's Mini Marathon organising club, dundrum, south dublin

See www.florawomensmini marathon.ie for more info