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Some Safety advice for race day

The Flora Women's Mini Marathon brings together thousands of runners and spectators to the same place at the same time and creates a big party atmosphere for all.

To help ensure we all have a safe and enjoyable day at the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, you should take a few simple safety precautions.

> Be aware of your surroundings and your nearest exit.

> Do not leave any bags unattended.

> Take note of the terrain you are standing on in case it is wet, slippery, or hazardous, etc.

> Sweat shirts, T-shirts, space blankets and refuse sacks are often discarded before the start and during the race and can create a tripping hazard. If you are discarding items of clothing or such like, ensure they will not cause a hazard.

> Do not climb on any temporary structures, barriers, etc.

> Do not wear bracelets, necklaces, bumbags or other accessories which can easily become tangled.

> Ensure you take water before and during the race.

> The wearing of iPods and personal stereos during the race is dangerous as they inhibit the hearing of important safety announcements.

> Always make sure the laces on your shoes are tied properly.

> By the direction of An Garda Siochana, the use of bicycles on the course is strictly forbidden.


All entrants will have a timing tag embedded in their race number. Use four safety pins to attach your number to the front of your T-shirt.

Numbers should not be covered with clothing, belts, rain jackets.

Enter your name, address, contact number and medical information on the reverse of your race number.

Remember, no number – no medal.

The start – Follow the signs and steward's instructions to your correct starting area.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your starting zone.

Ladies with white, pink or blue numbers must to be in position by 1.30pm.