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Running in tribute to my tragic uncle


Roisin Kelly, front, with Ciara McGee. Photo: Ray Cullen

Roisin Kelly, front, with Ciara McGee. Photo: Ray Cullen

Roisin Kelly, front, with Ciara McGee. Photo: Ray Cullen

MY NAME is Roisin Kelly and I'm taking part in this year's Flora Women's Mini Marathon in aid of Pieta House. Like most people, I chose my charity based on the meaning it has for me and the ties I feel I have to it.

It was my Aunt Marie who first introduced me to Pieta House and she is the reason that I have done three Flora Women's Mini Marathons for it.

After my uncle committed suicide a number of years ago, Marie began to get involved in the amazing work Pieta does for people who need help when it comes to self-harm or are at risk of suicide.



It was a huge loss to my entire family after my uncle died.

He was outgoing, lively and I don't remember a time when he wasn't in a good mood.

I have so much admiration for my aunt who took this awful thing that happened and did something so meaningful and so worthwhile as a result of it. It's thanks to her that I get the opportunity to help Pieta in even the tiniest way.

As you run through the hundreds of people who take part in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon you get a good chance to see the charities they are running on behalf of, every one of them worth running the distance for.

I run the Flora Women's Mini Marathon with two friends, Paula and Ciara. This year, we all began in different colleges; however, as soon as we heard the Flora Women's Mini Marathon was coming up we were determined to get together so we could tackle it as a group, as we have done for the past two years.

It meant so much to me when they agreed to run for Pieta and I am so grateful for their dedication to doing the Flora Women's Mini Marathon for them. Having friends beside you while running makes a massive difference as you have someone to motivate you, moan to and laugh along with you when exhaustion sets in around 6k.

One of the best things about doing the Flora Women's Mini Marathon is getting to challenge yourself and push yourself to help your charity.



Running for Pieta House has been one of the most rewarding things I have done, not just because it gives me a chance to think about the people we run for but also because, having gotten to hear about the work Pieta does, I know I am helping a truly necessary and worthwhile cause.

For more information on Pieta House, go to www.pieta.ie