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Relax... this run is great fun

Gerry Wallace, of Tallaght Athletic Club, has some advice for people taking part in this year's Flora Women's Mini Marathon:

"Within Tallaght Athletic Club, there are three different women's training groups with different coaches. My group has been going for the last three years and we have people from 19 to 50 years old.

"The group started off as a Meet & Train and I thought the members would all leave after the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, but they all stayed on. We have new members coming down to join us every week now.


"Tallaght Athletic Club itself has about 180 members in total. I have about 25 members in my group, the other one is about the same and we also have a smaller group that runs on its own. They participate in a few road races and cross country meet & trains over the year.

"People join up because they want to get fitter and want to be able to run, that's what they tell me. We have a few people who I would have thought would never stay running, but they have and they've lost a lot of weight and they're delighted.


"We get a few people joining every year to be coached for the Flora Women's Mini Marathon and I try my best to keep them going.

"I'd say we have about 22 women doing this year's Flora Women's Mini Marathon. Some of them will be fundraising for charity, others might just fundraise for the club itself. They'll all run it, as soon as they get into a running mode. It takes a while to get started on the day, there's so many people there.

"We have some members that do the Flora Women's Mini Marathon every year. They all meet in a hotel in town and head off from there. They've all said they're looking forward to it. We steward the Flora Women's Mini Marathon as well.

"There's a lot of people who, when they go out running, are always trying to better their time and I'd say to them, 'Look, just get from A to B. Start and finish and that's it. Once you start and finish and you're not gasping for breath, that's the main thing. Don't mind the time, the time will eventually come after a bit of training'. That's one thing I emphasise to them; start and finish and be relaxed when you come in and you'll enjoy the rest of the day then."

For more information, go to www.tallaghtac.ie