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Hands-On Help from the Irish Association of Physical Therapists:

The Chairperson of the Irish Association of Physical Therapists, Kevin Clery, says: "Physical therapists are proud to be associated with the Flora Mini Marathon for the past 14 years. We are looking forward to treating both old and new participants with a pre-race rub-down and post-race massage.

"We offer our services free for the day of the race. From around noon on race day the queues begin outside the row of white marquees on St Stephen's Green.

"In all, there are about 100 skilled physical therapists who volunteer for the day. We will also be in the RDS on the weekend before the race at the Woman's World Show offering advice on injuries and pre- and post-race dynamic and static stretching. If you have any concerns about injuries or would like to be treated by a Physical Therapist while training in the lead-up to the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, check out www.iapt.ie to find your nearest physical therapist.

"The Irish Association of Physical Therapists has teamed up with the Elverys Power Team and in the coming weeks you will be able to check out Clare and Ger leading you through a stretching programme on our website, www.iapt.ie.

"Our free service is open to all participants and our therapists are looking forward to meeting you on the day. Best of luck with all your training in the lead-up to the Flora Mini Marathon."