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HAND ON HEARTBrilliant Betty nominated for Flora award

Betty Hand turns 75 this month and not only has she completed all 27 Flora Women's Mini Marathon events to date, Betty is also currently in training, with her daughter Martina, to run this year's event in less than an hour.

Betty remains modest about this significant achievement and says that she takes part because she enjoys the training and it helps to keep her fit and healthy.

Her daughter Martina, however, believes that Betty is a real hero and so has nominated her to be a Flora Heart Hero.

"My mother is such a great inspiration to me and she has always encouraged me to participate in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon," said Martina.

"I love the training and the build-up to the event and enjoying the atmosphere on the day with my mum and my friends at my side is so much fun.

"My mother has ensured that I stick with our training schedule and I can honestly say that it is because of her I am as healthy as I am.

"She really is a Flora Heart Hero in every way"

Betty commented:

"Doing the 27 mini marathons encouraged me to maintain a healthy diet all year round and it also helped me develop a great routine that has kept me fit.

"No matter what life threw at me over the years I made sure I still took park in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon and I am glad that it has helped motivate my daughter too, who has now done 15 marathons herself!"