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Get your kit sorted

If you've decided to run or walk the Flora Women's Mini Marathon, congratulations! As soon as you've submitted your entry form, it's important to get the right gear because if you're wearing the right apparel, you will perform better.

Whether you are a walker, a jogger or an experienced runner, Elverys Sports is the best place to start looking for the latest trends and technology.

Elverys Sports' advisors are highly trained and will be able to advise you on what you need. One of the basics for women is a sports bra. No matter what size your bust is, every woman needs to wear a sports bra, especially if they are running.

Above all, remember to wear the right shoe to support the foot and shield it from injury. Age, weight and the weather are all factors to consider. While casual trainers are great for fashion, they are not suitable for long walks or running.

In Elverys Sports' dedicated running stores (PB180), you can get a free gait test -- a video analysis of your running/walking technique. From that, the expert staff will advise you on the best shoe for you.

It only takes minutes and you don't need an appointment so check out the store locations at www.elverys.ie.

Check back each week to read more about advanced running apparel, equipment and even socks that guarantee no blisters. In the meantime, enjoy the warm-up!