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Formed in 1988, the Dublin All Stars Marching Band is an American-style marching band featuring trumpets, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, bass and percussion instruments.

With 12 members initially, the band grew to an impressive 250 by 1995.

Despite changing times, the band has always remained a key part of the community and today has 70 members.

The band is a social group with a focus on fun and is always looking for new members.

The band has performed in parades all around Ireland and England and has had a few highlight trips to the United States.

In 2008, the band marched down Fifth Avenue in New York for the St Patrick's Day parade.

And in 2010, the band, on its furthest trip from home, performed in the San Diego's St Patrick's Day parade and also performed live on US national television during the Los Angeles St Patrick's Festival.

In 2012, the band travelled to London where they led the main London St Patrick's Day parade.

Thanks to this performance, the band has been invited to perform in Howth to welcome the Olympic flame as it makes its one-day trip to Dublin.

Throughout their 24 years, the Dublin Ladies Mini Marathon has always been an important date in the band's calendar.

It is always an enjoyable event for the members and something the band relies on and looks forward to each year.

Each year, the band has received a great reception from the participants in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon and this adds to the great atmosphere that they have always had at the corner of St Vincent's Hospital during the event.