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Well ladies, just under two weeks to go to Race Day!

Congratulations to you all on the hard work and determination you have shown so far, in what is a tough fitness programme.

From what I have seen at the various Meet & Train Groups, everyone has put in a great effort.

While walkers should carry on extending their walks, runner beginners should try to cover at least four miles this weekend, while those on the intermediate schedule should aim for five miles at conversation pace.

For those who find it quite easy to run up to four miles, you could consider entering one of the road races that abound up and down the country. Don't get carried away when the starting gun goes, start at your training pace and gradually wind up to the pace you can keep going at to the finish line.

Use this as a fun run and enjoy the day out with a few friends if possible.

Don't worry if you have not covered the full 10k distance at this stage, you have done enough jogging by now to ensure that you can keep on going for at least one hour on June 4.


Do not get carried away and run too fast at this stage, as all the hard work could be undone if you are struck down by injury or exhaustion.

If you raise your pace do it gradually and keep a smooth stride pattern all the way through these final weeks. Remember the old adage "Train don't Strain".