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5 ways to avoid those Easter temptations

Over Easter, our training and diet plans for the Flora Women's Mini Marathon can take a knock.

Keep these guidelines in mind over the holiday period and you'll still be able to treat yourself without suffering any setbacks.

> Plan ahead. Buy in the food that you need and avoid the temptation to overindulge.

> Have a little of what you fancy. Always choose dark chocolate since it contains far more antioxidants than milk or white chocolate. It also has positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

> It's easy to eat more than you realise in a social setting. Eat slowly and stop when you're full. Avoid snacking on bread or other nibbles before your meal arrives. Share a starter or a dessert with a friend.

>Monitor your alcohol consumption since it is easy to forget the amount of calories absorbed in this way.

> Make Easter desserts yourself rather than buying them ready made. The delicious Bread and Flora Buttery Bread Pudding is a personal favourite but there are lots of other great recipes on www.florawomensminimarathon.ie.