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Meet the D-Evo, a 1.8 Lancer that thinks it's an Evo

Think Mitsubishi, add Lancer and you come up with Evo.

Loosely translated that means fun, hardcore fun - only multiplied by 290.

Real petrolheads will know it more affectionately as the FQ-300, but if that's too tame for you then there's always the FQ-330 and the more bonkers FQ-360.

The figures above relate to brake horsepower and the rest ... you'll have to guess.

Now, that kind of fun comes at a premium price and is unfortunately out of the reach of mere mortals like you and I.

Thankfully, the boffins over at MMC swopped their unleaded hats for diesel and have come up with a true revelation.

I get the impression though that the new engine is somewhat of an accidental hero.


Either that or somebody forgot to stick the GTi badge on the head and it somehow ended up being called DiD .

You see, the 1.8 litre, 150bhp oil burner has a frightening amount of torque and poke.

Drop the hammer and you'll be more than pleasantly surprised as the needle hits 100k/ph in well under 10 seconds.

You'll also be impressed by its green credentials as emissions are kept at a very respectable 139g/km (€156 annual road tax) while returning a massive 53mpg.

It handles pretty well too with plenty of grip and very little body roll on winding country roads while sturdy and quiet on long motorway runs.

The new offering is also loaded with goodies and the 'Intense' model comes with 16' inch alloys, Bluetooth with voice control, Air Con, Cruise Control, leather steering wheel with audio controls and fog lights.

It's dripping with safety features including nine air bags (front, side, curtain and knee) Active stability control, Electronic traction control and reinforced body shell.

Inside there is ample room for the usual 2 plus 2 and split folding rear seats give it the added versatility needed to be deemed a proper family saloon.

The only downside is the absence of a boot switch, meaning you had to either use the key or open it from the inside.

Priced at €22,995, this Lancer is a little on the steep side considering its biggest rival, the Focus, is a wee bit cheaper.

That said though, throw a whale fin spoiler on the boot lid, some side skirts, 19'inch alloys, a couple of bonnet scoops and change the name to D-Evo (the diesel Evo) and I'd easily hand over the cash.