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Meet our very own Vicky Pollard...

MEET Ireland's version of Vicky Pollard,

Lil Ms Rent Allowance (LMRA) has become an internet sensation -- thanks to her garish tracksuits, fondness for Dutch Gold and relationship with Dickie Man.

LMRA has earned herself comparisons to Matt Lucas's character on UK successful comedy Little Britain.

She has racked up almost 20,000 hits on YouTube and 4,000 fans on Facebook -- and has shot to fame with her show Sortin' Yer Sh*t Out which is broadcast live every Tuesday at 9.30pm.

The 23-year-old who hails from Carlow, acts as an agony aunt and describes herself as a cross between Jeremy Kyle and Oprah.

LMRA told the Herald: "Most people who come to me are on the dole and I don't charge them for help. But all these problems has me up to me ears.

"I have a nice fella called Dickie Man. I'm with him nearly three weeks and it's love. He's my other half on Bebo and he sends me lots of loves."

She says her main aim is to help people "whose fellas is treatin' them bad," and she's become something of a style icon with her trademark Adidas tracksuits.

Meanwhile, the character's creator Katie K said she's having lots of fun playing LMRA and had her sights set on her first gig. "Most of my stories are day-to-day things and they're based on people in Ireland. It's a character that a lot of people could relate to with the dole and unemployment, and it puts a bit of comedy into it," she added.