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Me and my health

fashion buyer arlene bowles-mccarthy (32) is set for spinning classes

What was the last thing you ate?

My breakfast: porridge with skimmed milk and raspberries and a cup of tea

Do you go to gym or classes?

I don't enjoy the gym to be honest. I much prefer to go for walks in the evenings. I am, however, looking at taking up a spinning class to improve my fitness.

Do you take vitamins or supplements?

Yes, a multivitamin during the winter months.

What foods always go in your shopping trolley?

Porridge, tuna, salad, vegetables, fruit, chicken breasts, stir-fry vegetables, wholegrain rice and popcorn for a snack.

Have you ever been in hospital?

Not since I was seven and had pneumonia.

What was your worst illness?


What is your favourite cure?

I'm not sure it's considered a cure but I swear by tea-tree oil, a great natural antiseptic.

Would you get your five a day?

I would, five days out of seven. I try to drink smoothies and juices when I can. Also, I try to eat fruit as snacks and vegetables with my dinner. Sometimes, however, if I am travelling I do find it hard, depending where you eat out.

What is your favourite meal to cook?

Chicken or prawn stir-fry. It's quick, simple and nutritious.

Any vices?

Crisps and skinny cappuccinos.

Ever dieted?

Yes, I went on a gluten-free/ detox diet two years ago. I felt great on the diet and did lose weight. However, it is very hard to maintain.

Any family ailments?

There is a history of heart disease on my mum's side of the family.

How many hours do you get a night?

Approximately eight hours. I am the type of person who needs their sleep!

Do you have any health goals?

Yes to get fitter and to tone up. I don't need to loose weight as such, just to lower my percentage of body fat and increase muscle.

Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?

As a teenager, I experimented.

Choose one food to bring to a desert island with you?

Watermelon, refreshing and tasty in one!

Arlene is senior fashion and accessories buyer with Richard Alan/Pamela Scott.