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Mammies go into action at a 'do' with tea making on an industrial scale

COMEDIAN Colm O'Regan explores the phenomenon of the Irish Mammy in his new book Isn't It Well For Ye? -- The Book of Irish Mammies.

He writes: "To truly appreciate Mammies in action, one needs to go to a function. When a group of Mammies converge en masse at a do in the hall, armed with sandwiches, buns and tea, it is a sight to behold.

"This is tea-making on an industrial scale, and the conversation is even further compressed.

" 'Tea, Mrs Cooney? You will. Milk and sugar over there. What-about-this-boy-what'll-you-have? A bun, is it? What do you say? Good boy. Take your bun now. Will he have a drop of Fanta? What about you, Mrs Nolan? Tea. Of course you can. Oh, we've a load of sandwiches. Salad. Ham. Egg. Which one? Egg. There you go now, Mrs Nolan. And Tess? Coffee???! Oh right, let me see...'

"It is typical of the male-centric account that Jesus's carry-on with the loaves and fishes in the Bible makes no mention of the real miracle: how all that food was distributed to the hungry thousands.

"There must have been Irish Mammies in the supply chain."

The Book of Irish Mammies, by Colm O'Regan, published by Transworld Ireland, price €10.99