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Claire Levington (33) Lucan:

n "Keep it to yourself. I wouldn't do it, but I have been married a long time so I wouldn't have anything to kiss and tell about."

Nicole McLoughlin (21) Dublin 4:

n "It's not something I would do - don't bring yourself down to that level."

Tracy Doyle (35)

Terenure :

n "No, I don't think it's right to kiss and tell. To a certain degree, everyone gossips but I wouldn't be malicious or damaging towards someone. You can't really judge someone."

Rebecca Hyndman (21) Dublin 4:

n "No, I don't think it's ever okay, even if you were cheated on. If you went around telling other people's details, then that brings you down to their level."

John Brennan (30) Rathmines:

n "I think, for men, it depends on their relationship status - if they're single, I doubt it matters too much to them. I wouldn't condone it."

Aisling O'Mairtin (24)Drumcondra:

n "I wouldn't do it myself, but I suppose if someone had cheated on me, I probably would. I'm all about the drama so I would probably be like 'Come here and I'll tell ya!' I wouldn't go putting it on Facebook though."

Shannen Watson (21) Dublin 4:

n "Keep the details to yourself. I might tell my best friend but I wouldn't gossip like that."

Aoife Brennan (32) Rathdrum, Co Wicklow:

n "It's tasteless, it's private. Even if you were cheated on, you could just say that. You wouldn't have to go into details."

Charlotte Cumiskey (23) Clontarf:

n "I think that Holly Madison is letting herself down, cheapening herself by selling her story, that's all her class gone. It would be tempting but you should walk away with your head held high."